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Labor protection products to be comfortable and safe

With the use of labor protection articles, scientific and reasonable, not only can reduce the accident caused economic losses, but also can improve working efficiency, improve economic efficiency and output units, reduce the use of units in all aspects of human resources cost. To this end, we consider the following two points:

First, comfort

In order to achieve the protective effect, are in the human body to increase barriers, increase the burden. If in order to have protective effect, cumbersome, tedious, it will not only make people feel uncomfortable and fatigue, because this will affect the work efficiency, shorten the work time, which affects the work output and the economic efficiency of enterprises.

In the design and development of labor protection products in the process, the degree of comfort will be improved to a more important position. If the comfort degree can be transformed into the use of the economic benefits of the unit, and you can also prove and describe the correlation, the correlation data, so labor supplies for the purchase and sale of the two sides to provide value, will have a leap.

Two, reliability

If the labor protection supplies do not work, can not prevent accidental wounding, then in the labor insurance supplies, no matter how much money is wasted. Because of the economic loss after the accident has occurred, and cheaper labor insurance supplies, but also need to spend money. Therefore, labor supplies must be reliable and safe, so that workers can be protected in the operation. This will reduce the accident and reduce the economic losses.


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