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Proper management of labor protection products

In order to make personal protective equipment to play its due effect, labor protection products from Shunxing recommend purchasing personnel, education training, protective equipment maintenance and maintenance, protection supplies distribution and processing four aspects to strengthen the protective equipment management.

First, the procurement of protective equipment

The purchasing department should be based on the purchase plan of protective equipment, protective equipment responsible for procurement, purchase of protective equipment must be licensed to "industrial safety production permit" unit purchase, the special insurance products must have product certification and safety certificate, LA certificate of safety certificate.

According to the requirements of the protection performance in accordance with the correct choice of PPE requirements, must not misuse or will use, such as alternative dipped gloves with ordinary resistant gloves can.

Two, personnel education and training

Education should be strengthened to enable users to fully understand the purpose and significance of the use of labor protection products. For the structure and the use of more complex protective equipment, must be repeated training, so that users skilled use.

Three, labor insurance supplies maintenance and maintenance

Proper maintenance can not only extend the use of protective equipment, but more importantly, to ensure product protection. Such as the use of PVC after the use of labor insurance gloves, placed in the environment and placed before the treatment method, etc., affect the performance and duration of gloves.

Four, the protection of the distribution and processing

Workshop should set up personal labor supplies distribution station or set up a person responsible for the management, the responsibility for the issuance of clean and effective protective supplies. Regularly carry out spot checks and inspection of protective articles, for the realization of end-of-life labor insurance supplies, the company strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state sentenced waste conditions, sentenced to waste procedures, the provisions of the waste disposal.


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